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Factory Direct Packaging from Asia

We Bring the World of Packaging to You

Welcome to GlobalFlex. We are a fully integrated, worldwide packaging solutions company that offers a single source for your complete printing and packaging needs. With headquarters in the United States and direct access to manufacturing partners in Mexico and China/Asia, we provide high-quality, competitive packaging solutions for the food, perishable goods, electronics and personal care industries.

One of the most critical choices you’ll make for your brand is how to package your products. And turning to Asia results in significant savings, if it's done correctly. That’s why selecting the right packaging partner -GlobalFlex- can be the key to your success.

While our packaging always meets your technical requirements, we also ensure that it upholds your brand identity for premium presence at retail. At GlobalFlex, we’ve built our business on understanding your needs as a customer, and we’ve built our reputation by exceeding them.
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